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35,000 pairs of

SHOES have been


Give your shoes a new life

Charity Shoe Appeal, shipping pre-loved sports shoes from families in the UK & Ireland to needy township children in Lesotho and South Africa!


At In My Shoes, our mission is to bridge continents through the power of individual acts of kindness. By offering pre-loved shoes new homes we reignite hope, restore dignity, and open doors to opportunity in African townships. Empowering children in need to walk with dignity, pursue their passions, and step confidently towards a brighter future, we create meaningful connections that transcend borders and uplift communities with every step.

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We had hoped to be announcing dates for our 2024 shoe collection campaign shortly, however we’ve had a logistical setback that has prevented us from doing so. 


We are still looking into a number of options and formats with the aim of launching another much-needed campaign this year and will be sure to have another update on this in the coming weeks.


While we work on this, we do have good news! Your pre-loved shoes are arriving into South Africa this month and will be delivered to the children in schools and townships where most needed. We will be there alongside them to ensure that your generous donations reach these children and that you see regular updates on the website about this leg of the journey. 


While we strive to grow the numbers of shoes we collect from Irish families and send to kids in African townships, we are a voluntary organisation.  As such, we are very much reliant on the support of our amazing partners.


Thank you so much for your support to date. Please enter your email below to get notified when we have further news on the 2024 campaign.

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If you have any further questions - just see our FAQ page which should give you answers. Alternatively contact us at 😀

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