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35,000 pairs of pre-loved shoes and trainers have been donated by you!

Give your shoes a new life

Charity Shoe Appeal, shipping pre-loved sports shoes from families in the UK & Ireland to needy township children in Lesotho and South Africa!

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Our campaign in Ireland this year runs for 2 weeks from Monday 17th April to Friday the 28th April, 2023. So dig out those pre-loved shoes out the attic or under the stairs and donate them to township children in need.

It couldn't be more simple to get involved, please vis
it the
Register School page to see if your school is registered and donating to In My Shoes, or visit the How To Donate page if you are a member of the general public and would like to donate.

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A pair of shoes is often the difference between a hopeful or bleak future.   


Because shoes are more than something that keep your feet safe and warm.    


Like most countries, you need shoes to go to school in South Africa. Along with shoes being part of the school uniform, they also allow learners safety and provide a sense of self-esteem and dignity.  


Shoes are often the most difficult item to get in materially poor communities.  

ANY questions?​


If you have any further questions - just see our FAQ page which should give you answers. Alternatively contact us at 😀

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